Hiking Grassi Lakes Trail – Canmore, AB

Posted by in Hiking, Photography | July 21, 2012
Grassi Lakes Trail - Canmore, AB - The Bow Valley

Grassi Lakes is located just outside of Canmore, Alberta. This is a very easy and scenic hike that offers great views of Canmore and the Bow Valley. I’d recommend taking the difficult trail instead of the easy way up. Views are very limited when you hike the easy trail. Views greatly increase while trekking the more difficult route. It’s not very difficult anyways, just a little steeper but the views offered are much more rewarding!

Expect to see a few waterfalls on the way up. Some, more accessible than others but all accessible by foot. Spend a little extra time exploring, some great sites can be found by venturing slightly off trail! Once you reach the top, you’ll see the two small turquoise blue lakes.

Trailhead Information Sign

Locked at the foot of a prehistoric reef above this valley lie two clear blue lakes. These are the Grassi Lakes, named for local pioneer and mountain man, Lawrence Grassi who built this trail to the lakes in the 1920s. The trail climbs 300m (984 ft) and offers outstanding views of Canmore, the Bow Valley and the profound effect man has had on the valley.

Signs at three viewpoints on the trail point out development in the valley, tell Lawrence Grassi’s story and ouline how recreation and development affect conservation efforts here.

Hiking the trail to the lakes and returning on the service road will take at leased an hour and a half. Some portions of the trail are steep and exposed so be sure to wear sturdy footware. If you don’t feel up to a strenuous walk, the service road takes a more gentle grade but gives fewer views of the valley.

Final Destination

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