APOKALYPTO – Model & Photography Workshop

Posted by in Photography, Photography: Models | May 20, 2012
Model: Celia - Copyright © 2012 Jeff Rendek

It’s the second photography workshop put on by the Calgary chapter of noobs photography and of course, it was another huge success! We had one of the founding members fly in from LA to partake in our shenanigans. From scaling the slick slopes of the Alberta badlands to crossing the old decayed train bridge of Atlas, Hell, let’s go roll in the grass of an old abandoned ghost town.

A special thanks to everyone involved!

  • NOOBS Photography (Calgary Chapter)
  • Photographers: Me, Dan, Phen, Roel
  • HMUA: Joy
  • Models: Celia, Ann Tsi
  • Thanks to Phen & Joy, admins for the Calgary chapter. Once again, everything turned out great!

Well, without further hesitation. Here’s my photo set from the workshop. Out of 1,223 RAW image files, I’m only going to post my favorite 8. I’ll add more as I get time to process them all. Let me know what you think, I’d love to receive some feedback!


Final Destinations

Photo Set

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