Hiking Grassi Lakes Trail - Canmore, AB

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Hiking Grassi Lakes Trail – Canmore, AB

Posted by in Hiking,Photography | July 21, 2012
Grassi Lakes Trail - Canmore, AB - The Bow Valley

Grassi Lakes is located just outside of Canmore, Alberta. This is a very easy and scenic hike that offers great views of Canmore and the Bow Valley. I’d recommend taking the difficult trail instead of the easy way up. Views are very limited when you hike the easy trail. Views greatly increase while trekking the more difficult route. It’s not very difficult anyways, just a little steeper but the views offered are much more rewarding!

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Hiking Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

Posted by in Hiking,Photography | January 8, 2012

Hiking in the mountains in January?! Since it’s been such a mild winter, I decided to venture out to do some hiking Johnston Canyon and see what the falls had to offer. Once again, the Canadian Rockies did not disappoint. Having great weather (just above the freezing point) I headed out to the trail-head, which is located just off the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A) at the 18km marker.

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Hiking the Burstall Pass, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Posted by in Hiking,Photography | November 9, 2011

Burstall Pass may be one of the finest trails available within the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. This trail offers absolutely amazing views and a challenging, but rewarding hike to the top! I hiked the trail on June 22nd 2011, the weather was great and the water level in the flats below Robertson Glacier had pretty much subsided. There were a few streams that we needed to ford, the water? Ice cold glacier water, crystal clear!

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Hiking the Nihahi Ridge Trail, Elbow Valley / Kananaskis Country

Posted by in Hiking,Photography | June 13, 2009

The Nihahi Ridge Trail is unique to the Elbow Valley and the Kananaskis regions. It’s trail stretches through the 3 ecological zones (montane, subalpine and alpine) and create the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies.

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