Splash Photography - My Setup, Tips, and Tricks!

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Splash Photography – My Setup, Tips, and Tricks!

Posted by in Photography | December 13, 2011

Upon my travels through the world wide web I’ve stumbled upon a very creative and inspiring type of photography. Splash Photography or Water Photography as most would describe it, can produce some absolutely awesome pictures. You can give that ordinary item an extraordinary edge! Follow along as I take you through my process of capturing these great shots! Don’t get discouraged, it can take time, patients, and luck. Remember, water photography will never produce the same shot twice. So if your using a continuous lighting setup, make sure your camera is set to shoot multiple frames per second. If your using strobes or flashes you better hope you have good timing and coordination!

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SRP 10.5:1 Ls/Vtec Pistons

Posted by in Automotive | October 30, 2011

I recently received my pistons for the build.
I went with the SRP LS/VTEC Pistons, Part#149228.
4032 low expansion high silicon aluminum alloy heat treated to SRP specifications
Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel.
Thick ring lands for limited nitrous oxide/forced induction use on low compression pistons.
Valve pockets machined to accept oversized valves

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