T H I R S T - Model & Photography Workshop

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T H I R S T – Model & Photography Workshop

Posted by in Photography,Photography: Models | April 8, 2012
Model: Celia

For the Thirst Workshop we decided to venture out towards the beautiful Canadian Rockies. With the pre-choosen destination being Bankhead, an old coal mine that existed in the early 20th century. This unfortunately couldn’t happen. After discovering that the road has been snowed in, we had to come up with another plan. After a short discussion, we all settled for Lake Minnewanka. A different theme than we had originally anticipated but we could handle the last minute change

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Splash Photography – My Setup, Tips, and Tricks!

Posted by in Photography | December 13, 2011

Upon my travels through the world wide web I’ve stumbled upon a very creative and inspiring type of photography. Splash Photography or Water Photography as most would describe it, can produce some absolutely awesome pictures. You can give that ordinary item an extraordinary edge! Follow along as I take you through my process of capturing these great shots! Don’t get discouraged, it can take time, patients, and luck. Remember, water photography will never produce the same shot twice. So if your using a continuous lighting setup, make sure your camera is set to shoot multiple frames per second. If your using strobes or flashes you better hope you have good timing and coordination!

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