Timelapse – The Country Landscape at Sunset

Posted by in Photography, Photography: Timelapse | July 10, 2013

If you’ve been following me for awhile now,  this location may look familiar to you. It’s located literally 10 minutes from my house in S.E. Calgary, Alberta Canada. It’s my favorite place to go and test new gear. This time, I’m testing my new Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly/Slider kit. I’ve been waiting awhile to purchase one of these and the time has finally come! My first impressions? AWESOME! The slider package included the MX2 Dolly Controller, which is easy to use (once you memorized the buttons and menu items).

This wasn’t the first time out so fortunately I’ve learned the settings and menu’s well enough to play around. This clip I chose to shoot using the move-shoot-move method. Well actually, I had to since I wanted to capture a HDR Sunset.

  • Interval: 7 sec
  • Speed: 1.5 inch’s per minute
  • Shoot-Move-Shoot

What I learned for next time:

  • Tighten down all the ball-heads before shooting:
    As the dolly slides across the rails it’ll transfer it’s weight. One of my ball-heads was a little loose and caused a few small shakes in the movement of the camera. Oh well, lesson learned…

This video is available in HD for your viewing pleasure!

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