Hiking Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

Posted by in Hiking, Photography | January 08, 2012

Hiking in the mountains in January?! Since it’s been such a mild winter, I decided to venture out to do some hiking Johnston Canyon and see what the falls had to offer. Once again, the Canadian Rockies did not disappoint. Having great weather (just above the freezing point) I headed out to the trail-head, which is located just off the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A) at the 18km marker.

This hike can be enjoyable for the whole family. It’s rated as very easy and offers some great views. You have the chance to make 3 separate stops on this trail. The Lower Johnston Falls are located at the 1.1 km mark, then the Upper Johnston Falls are located 2.7 km up-trail. Further more, you can also access the Ink Pots by traveling 5.8km up-trail. I opt out of the ink pots adventure since I dont have ice cleats, which may have been needed to venture further up the solid ice pack trails. Better be safe then sorry.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and one day have a chance to visit this beautiful place!

Final Destination

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