Astro Timelapse – A Hint of the Milky Way on a Moonless Night!

Posted by in Photography, Photography: Timelapse | September 18, 2012
Astro Photography - A Hint of the Mily Way

Once again I ventured out into Kananaskis Country, camera in-hand. My purpose? A great weekend of hiking, camping, and of course star gazing! After spending an awesome day hiking the Moose Mountain Summit. We wound down by cooking a great feast of fire pies around the campfire! Keeping a close eye on the sky, it was looking to be a nice cloudless and moonless night ahead.

As the sky began to darken, the clouds decided to roll on through. Slow at first, but picking up momentum as the night progressed. At 10:22pm I decided to go ahead with the planned all-night timelapse. Unfortunately, it was a fairly cold night. Temperatures dropping very close to freezing which did quite the number on the battery for my Canon 60D. I ended up capturing images from 10:22pm until 3:30am or a little over 5 hours. A little shorter than expected, but I guess that mean’s it’s time for the battery grip which will allow 2 batteries essentially doubling my time to shoot.

Without further hesitation, here’s my 5 hour moonless night astro timelapse. Shot with 30sec exposures and a 35sec interval. It’s a shame the clouds decided to be so dominate on this moonless night but I still think it came out great! I even got some planets and great star constellations. If anyone knows which ones they are, please comment below!

This video is available in HD for your viewing pleasure!

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