Project Rocky Mountains – 2013 Adventure Guide

Posted by in Hiking | June 04, 2013

With a new summer season rapidly approaching it’s time to plan out my summer adventures, goals and expectations. First thing’s first, it’s the beginning of June and our spring has decided to finally make an appearance. I thought for sure our good old Canadian climate decided to skip this beautiful season but nope, It was just postponed by a month, it seams the month of May and beginning of June has been nothing but cloudy sky’s and rain. Don’t get me wrong, clouds and rain make for some very interesting and dramatic photographs. It’s just not the most appealing weather to go out and shoot in, very hard to get motivated.

All excuses aside, I’ve made this post to consolidate all my dreams and desires for the summer of 2013 in one place. The following locations are scattered throughout the Canadian Rockies and have been locked in my head for quite a long time. Now I figure if I put these locations down on paper or virtual paper for that matter I’m a little more likely to follow through on my plans. After all, a successful plan always takes careful planning and commitment.

As I complete my 2013 Rocky Mountain adventure list I’ll be linking to all individual post’s from each locations title. I understand this post may not have the level of detail you folks are looking for, but please, bear with me. As I photograph these locations, I’ll be including much more information. After all, to much research only takes away from the adventure!

Without further hesitation, here’s my 2013 adventure list in no particular order. Watch out Canadian Rockies here I come!

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

moraineThumThis beautiful lake is located only 20km from the town of Lake Louise, Alberta. This adventure will be a early morning trek. Hiking up to the perfect spot before the magic hour of sunrise will be a challenge. Dark uneven trails and the natural wildlife will be the biggest challenge. OH, and getting up before the crack of dawn.

Discovered in 1899 by Tom Wilson it has since been a popular destination for tourists from all corners of the globe. Named after the moraine (rock pile) that Tom Wilson caught the first glimpse of this beautiful lake from. It was discovered during his trek to discover a new route up Mount Temple.

In 1969 Moraine Lake was featured for the first time on the Canadian 20 dollar bill, then again in 1979. The Valley of the Ten Peaks standing proud in the background this location truly is one of the most beautiful places in Banff National Park. Now it’s time to give this location the attention it deserves and photograph the hell out of it!

Paradise Valley, Banff National Park

paraThumLocated between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake this hidden gem is beautiful! Nestled in about 9km it’s rated as moderate on the difficulty meter. The stepped waterfall is located in prime Grizzly country. Fresh bear spray will be in order for this!

Due to a 19km round trip hike this destination will be photographed in the worst time of day, afternoon. The harsh light shouldn’t be a problem as I’ll be packing my ND filters. Maybe I’ll aim for a slightly overcast day to save me from having to stack every filter I have.

Sunny or not, I’m excited for this one!

Mistaya Canyon, Banff National Park

MistThumAnother waterfall makes the 2013 adventure list. I love waterfalls, the feeling you get when standing right beside one and feel it’s powerful energy with the ground pounding roar is just amazing. To think, over time they can just carve their way deeper and deeper into the rocks.

Mistaya River has done just that. This unique slot canyon waterfall has eroded it’s path right through the Canadian Rockies. It’s location is accessible to anyone with only a short slightly uphill trek, it doesn’t nearly get as many visitors as other waterfalls in the area which makes this an ideal spot to hangout for the day and night. Possibly a star-scapes / sunrise timelapse? We’ll have to wait and see!

Peyto Lake, Banff National Park

PeytoThumBeen there, done that… Yeah right, it’s a different season and different ladscape! It’s time to trek back there. This time without the snowshoes. If you missed my post about Snowshoeing to Peyto Lake Viewpoint. Go check that out now, then come back!

 Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

johnstonThumWhile we’re on the topic of re-doing hike’s I might as well add Johnston Canyon to the list. Once again I hiked Johnston Canyon in the winter while the waterfalls were frozen. This time I’ll be able to hear and feel the power of this fairly decent sized waterfall. Within the summer months I’m bound to find the crazy tour bus’s packing the parking lots. I’m thinking an early morning or late night trek is in order. I like to keep my photography excursions completely tourist / frustration free.

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