2009 Toyota Tacoma Roll-up Tonneau Cover Installation

Posted by in Automotive | October 25, 2011

I’ll be installing the ACCESS® – Vanish™ Roll-Up Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover. Installation is very easy and takes only a half hour or so.  These instructions are for a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab with the cargo rail system, but I’m sure the process will be the same for most applications out there.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Cargo Rail Tie Point2009 Toyota Tacoma Cargo Rail TrackStart by removing the cargo rail system, remove the front rail as-well, it’ll make installation of the side rails much easier. You’ll need a T30 Torx bit. There’s 5 bolts per cargo rail, remove and proceed.


Access Vanish Roll-up Tonneau Cover Rail with Cargo Rails InstalledAfter all the cargo rails are removed you can go ahead and start un-boxing your new Tonneau Cover! Remove the side rails and match them to the appropriate side of the vehicle. The Latch end goes to the tailgate. Now comes the tricky part. You need to reinstall the side cargo rails along with the tonneau cover rails. The tonneau cover rail will be sandwiched between the inner truck bed and cargo rail system. I suggest you use some clamps to keep the two pieces together while re-installing. If you dont have access to clamps, call over a friend to lend a helping hand. Although help is not required, it will make for ease of installation. Go ahead and re-install the assembly using the new bolts and spacers that came with your Tonneau Covver package. Don’t forget the spacers, they will keep the new rail system flush and keep you from over-tightening.

After you have both the tonneau cover rails and cargo rails re-installed go ahead and re-install the front cargo rail using the oem T30 torx bolts.

Access Vanish Tonneau Cover Rolled UpAccess Vanish Tonneau Cover Tension AdjustmentNow place the main Tonneau Cover piece with the metal bracket facing toward the front of the vehicle, Install required tension brackets and tighten bolts hand tight. Center the Tonneau Cover between the two side rails and tighten bolts with a wrench. Tight, but not to tight.
That’s it. It really is that easy! Un-roll your new toneau cover and latch it shut. Check the surface for tension and adjust as need be. Try not to over-tension the tarp, for starters it will make latching the tonneau cover shut much harder, and two, it may stretch the toneau cover tarp over time, causing wrinkles.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Vanish Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Now you can safely store items in your truck bed, away from all of natures elements!

I purchased this kit through, Over-all the purchase went great and I’d definitely recommend them for future purchases. Good communication and fast shipping! They also have a fairly massive selection of parts which can make for a good one-stop shop! (I also purchased my HID Conversion Kit from them!) - Car & Truck Accessories

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